From the Waist Down

Following up from the sweet kitsch of Alberto Guardiani’s Lipstick heels, comes a saucier alternative. Instead of a tool of beauty, why not put a figure of beauty and feminity; like part of a woman’s body. Though there is some variation, most of the ‘cheeky heels’ are from the hips toward. I do find the kitsch factor wanes more in favour of pin-up motifs. Still who would complain at the sight of a femme fatale walking away with another set of gams as her actual heels?

Alberto Moretti

alberto moretti


gams heels

Charlotte Olympia

charlotte olympia cheeky



  1. The second photo is designed by Dukas, a Greek shoe designer

    1. Thanks for that, will amend the post.

  2. Hah! Great minds — I have these photos in my “queue” for a post. XO There was a “brouhaha” about Charlotte Olympia copying Dukas (

    1. Good taste is absolute xx

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