Koret: A Cut Above

OK, the flirtation with shoes has subsided. Now I can refocus on my true love, handbags. I may look lasciviously at others, but bags will always have my heart. So I bring you more vintage delights. The more obscure but desirable, Koret.

Founded in 1929 by Richard Koret in New York. Sadly little else known, except that Koret was famed for quality handbags. A broad range, veering between classic chic and a more quirky take. What seems a constant is the well made sophistication. Since taste and fashions come and go, quality is absolute. Though Koret is no more, there pieces do seem to hold their value. Prices average around the £200-300, a more reasonable price compared to Hermes. I especially like the top images (of the same bag) and the scissors bag.

koret_box exterior

koret_box interior


koret safety pin


koret vintage scissors




One comment

  1. I feel like I have seen that safety pin bag redone…Do you think so?

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