Nettie Rosenstein: Timeless

Vintage bags, frankly I don’t believe that you can have too many posts or pictures on the subject. When you consider that so many current designers take inspiration (or in some case blatantly rip off) classic retro styles. Why, because style does not date or tires. So when I have looking into past designs, it is curious how many have been replicated. One of the more prominate designers of the past is Nettie¬†Rosenstein.

Austrian born New York based designer Nettie Rosenstein supplied chic clothing across the U.S. Her most famous design was her ‘little black dress’. Renowned for her quality and style, Rosenstein was a trusted and highly esteemed lable. Still I have only one focus on this well rounded designer. Her handbags. As shown below, they are everything I love. Structured, chic and a decent size for a petite femme like myself. My prefernces are for the top two doctor style bag. So sophisticated yet practical.

nettie rosenstein bag

NR blue

NR chic

NR frame bag


One comment

  1. I love the blue croc/alligator bag. Very nice. I had never heard of the designer.

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