Refitism Realised

Refitism (or foot fetishism) is the most approachable of all the fetish sphere. For one, it is the most easy to facilitate. If you want to satisfy your needs, just look down! Or simply turn to any of the fashion magazines, and there are a vast array of shoes of all designers, heel types etc. Plus I think that since many types of fetishisms can appear sinister (gas masks, total body suits, hog tied bondage). An yearning for shoes/feet does not feel threatening to those who’s only exposure to ‘other forms of sexual practices’ are old episodes of ‘Sex and the City’. I have never been a fan, to me it is an annoying, patronising, snooty approach to womanhood. Plus the few episodes I have seen; anyone who is not missionary positioned focused vanilla pod is treated with disgust and ridicule. However if as a woman you find a man who not only adores you spending money of beautiful shoes but wants to see you wearing them (and nothing else). What could be more attractive? Besides who would not want a foot rub, moisturising or painting of ones toes?

All of these shoes are a treat for the toes, but the bottom pair have the best history. Not only were they owned by Bettie Page (apparently these were her favourite during her modelling career), they are now the proud property of Dita Von Teese. What a wonderful heritage.

exagerrated heels



40's shoe

bettie page's favourite shoes


One comment

  1. I wouldn’t say I have a fetish (I confirmed this with M.), but after sorting through 200 pairs of shoes together (including multiple pairs of flip flops, mind you) — I can say, “I have a passion for shoes!”

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