Sekushi: Tessa Kuragi

Bettie Page has inspired countless fetish models, in both occupation and appearance. Whilst no one can fault Page’s iconic hair style and mannerisms. When you see the same look time and time again, it can become repetitive and boring. So when one comes across someone who goes against the grain. I cannot help but notice, especially when said model is bewitching. That model in this entry is Tessa Kuragi.

Born and raised in Jamaica; Kuragi was drawn to the exotic, strange and sensual. Once Kuragi discover Parisian and Japanese photography, her path was obvious. To bring her own vision of avant-garde aesthetic to life. Once in Europe, Kuragi has worked with some of the best photographers currently working including Nick Knight, Robbie Spencer, Katy England and the legendary Ellen Von Unwerth. Kuragi mixes more modern art with classic nudity and fetish motifs. I have high hopes for Kuragi;I believe that while she honours the past, she brings a fresh perspective. A different view on eroticism that I find beguiling yet familiar. In case you were wondering, Sekushi is Japanese for sexy. A rather appropriate title I think you will agree.

tessa kuragi waisted

tessa kuragi naked

tessa kuragi lingerie

tessa kuragi corset latex

tessa kuragi chic


One comment

  1. Beautiful! I don’t know if it that her bottom is larger or it’s waist that she is developing — but I love her legs and hips.

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