Judy Bamber: Flaunt it

Time to present another long forgotten bombshell. Judy Bamber.

Born on 13th October 1936 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bamber started her modelling career in Detroit, later moving to Los Angeles. In 1955, Bamber along with her husband Frank Robinson. After years of odd jobs, Bamber was discovered by both a modelling and acting agencies. What luck, modelling for JC Penney and taking  classes at Warner Brothers Acting School. Unfortunately, due to her acting agent’s duplicity in securing two contracts with two separate studios. She lost them both. While she did secure a few acting jobs during the late 50’s-60’s; ‘A Bucket of Blood’ being her most popular title. Bamber made her name mainly in the pin-up magazine world. No doubt due to her buxom body and overall blonde bombshell demeanour. Titles included ‘Beauty Parade’, ‘Vue’ and ‘Gala’. By the mid 60’s Bamber had hung her bathing suit in favour of raising her family.

While Bamber may have enjoyed domesticity, she left the pin-up populace wanting more of her gorgeous frame and captivating face.

fields of judy-bamber


Judy Bamber pin up

Judy Bamber


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  1. I’m seeing the original version of Anna Nicole Smith….

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