Monthly Archives: December 2015

Ingber: Dainty

The journey to enrich this site with handbags never ceases. So now the spotlight has been turned to a decent collectable vintage label, Ingber. Ingber & Co was founded by brothers David and Isaac Ingber in Philadelphia in 1903. What set Ingber apart from the other handbag manufacturers was their quality and unique touches. So successful […]

Bonnie Logan: Electrified

More buxom babes from the golden age of cheesecake. Bonnie Logan Born Bonnie Bakken (likely in the mid-late 1920’s) in Wisconsin. Like so many before her and for generations to come, the allure of the bright lights of show business was calling. Also known as Laura Lee, Bonnie Logan was in her time a profitable […]

Private Showing

CONTAINS ADULT THEMES It is a fact universally accepted that Christian Louboutin makes THE sexiest shoes on planet Earth. Everything about Louboutin’s work is luxurious and lascivious (if shoes are your weakness). However what you may not know (until recently I did not) that in 2007 Louboutin collaborated with Surrealist film maker David Lynch for […]

Good Tidings

May your Christmas be joyous and stress free. May you eat and drink well and suffer no disappointing gifts. Be with those you love, not be lonely. If you have to work then hopefully you will be rewarded with a pleasant environment. Merry Christmas everyone. Xx

Buon Natale from Moschino

With Christmas around the corner. With the presents wrapped, most of the food bought and the decor done. I felt that now was as good a time as any to share the latest Moschino treats I have found recently. Can think of a few people (namely Dievca) who would love the handcuff handbags. Atleast with […]

Coveted Bag: Charlotte Aluna Lottie Bag

What I love about feeding my arm candy fetish, is finding new and interesting lables who cater to my retro bag needs. Into the Handbag-fetishist universe enters the newest name in bag land. Charlotte Aluna. From the little information on her website, London based Aluna only does one bag, The Lottie bag. However Lottie does […]

Delta of Diaphanous

From ‘Hamlet’s Ophelia to ‘Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer, we appear to have a peculiar obsession with women’s ethereal charms even in death. Why that is or when it started, I am not sure. Maybe it is morbid fetishization of the unpleasant and eventual decay of beauty. Or perhaps when some unknown darling, who’s name has […]