Delta of Diaphanous

From ‘Hamlet’s Ophelia to ‘Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer, we appear to have a peculiar obsession with women’s ethereal charms even in death. Why that is or when it started, I am not sure. Maybe it is morbid fetishization of the unpleasant and eventual decay of beauty. Or perhaps when some unknown darling, who’s name has been lost in history perished. Her lover, idealised her. Carried his love for her; both romantic and erotic into a form that endured longer then he or she. The bottom picture is a morbid, romantic and ironic in equal measures. I used to be fascinated with Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra’s relationship. The picture was actually used for their joint stag/hen party (batchelor and batchelorette for my US readers). Implying that even in death, their love remains. A sweet sentiment, even though they did divorce. The idea of loving someone into the afterlife is in my mind, the grandest gesture of everlasting love. Thought not all of these images are so delicate in nature.

Laura (wrapped in plastic) palmer

VVS til death

Viva Van Story 'Forgotten'

tolga katas

Carmen and Dave


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  1. How come I don’t think death ever looks that lovely?

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