Coveted Bag: Charlotte Aluna Lottie Bag

What I love about feeding my arm candy fetish, is finding new and interesting lables who cater to my retro bag needs. Into the Handbag-fetishist universe enters the newest name in bag land. Charlotte Aluna. From the little information on her website, London based Aluna only does one bag, The Lottie bag.

However Lottie does deliver if what you are looking for classic vintage style bags. Strangely, I have been looking for a bag based on the classic vanity case. Lottie comes in two sizes; mini and maxi. The exterior is made of patent leather which is excellent for durability and a top handle. The interior is an improved version of the traditional vanity inside. A mirror and elastic strap for holding smaller trinkets. However on the maxi version there is a compartment for a tablet and shoulder straps on the mini. If there is one feature that I love the most is the lock. Easily the chicest squeeze closure I have ever seen. If you are a fan of monograms or other personalised touches, you can have you name engraved onto the lock. I myself am not wild about adding my name to my possessions. It reminds me too much of my schools days, when your mum would write your name onto your clothes.

So how much would Lottie set you back? Mini is £750 and maxi is £850. Though Lottie is clearly a charming lady. I cannot justify her prices, especially if one wishes to add the monograms to the already pricey bag. Still I would very much like to see what else Charlotte Aluna has up her stylish sleeves.

charlotte aluna black bag

Charlotte aluna palomacharlotte aluna lottie inner




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  1. Oh, it is expensive — but I like them very much. Something to look for~ XO

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