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It is a fact universally accepted that Christian Louboutin makes THE sexiest shoes on planet Earth. Everything about Louboutin’s work is luxurious and lascivious (if shoes are your weakness). However what you may not know (until recently I did not) that in 2007 Louboutin collaborated with Surrealist film maker David Lynch for a series of photographs. Given that Lynch has a fondness for a subversive sexuality, it would seem appropriate that Lynch could appreciate the extremity of Louboutin’ shoes.

The end result ‘Fetish’ debuted at the Design Gallery in London, then finished the Galerie du Passage in Paris. Such was the rapturous reception that Lynch and Louboutin created 5 sets of shoes and 5 sets of prints for any avid fans.

In 2014, when Louboutin launched his nail polish line. He chose Lynch to help advertise his new venture, with his Lynchian sadomasochism style. Here’s hoping for further pairing of these 2 maestros of the marvellous.

DL fetish


David Lynch shoes

DL sexy


One comment

  1. My goodness, I haven’t been on pointe shoes in eons. It would be a disaster for me to wear these — but they are intriguing…whew~

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