Bonnie Logan: Electrified

More buxom babes from the golden age of cheesecake. Bonnie Logan

Born Bonnie Bakken (likely in the mid-late 1920’s) in Wisconsin. Like so many before her and for generations to come, the allure of the bright lights of show business was calling.

Also known as Laura Lee, Bonnie Logan was in her time a profitable  pin-up. Originally a nightclub singer based in the Los Angeles, Logan’s natural sex appeal illuminated the camera. Most, if not all of her pictures were taken by Earl Leaf. Posing for a mixture of men’s magazine (including ‘Flirt’ and ‘Yes’) and for hard boiled magazines. Once she was even turned down Elvis Presley himself!

Sadly beside a few night club appearances and brief spell in Burlesque. Logan’s career flatlined. With the revival of retro glamour, Logan has enjoyed a rediscovery among a new generations of fans. A rare beauty, I think you will agree.

bonnie logan

Bonnie logan lingerie

BL siren

Bonnie Logan nipple slip



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  1. Absolutely stunning…wish I looked like that~

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