Monthly Archives: January 2016

Vixen Books: Lurid Literature

If you want to secure my undivided attention, the words, ‘vintage’, ‘vixen’ and ‘books’ will buy you many hours with me. So when I have come across multiple images of a series of old books; with some frankly titilating covers. My retro radar springs into action. After my obligatory research, I have found yet another […]

Pristine Philippines

When most mention The Philippines, the most common attributes include Imelda Marcos and her colossal closest of shoes. While that maybe true, The Philippines has much more to offer. Especially when it comes to her beguiling natural beauty. The Philippines are an archipelago of over 7000 islands in Southeast Asia. North of that other famed […]

Victoria Van Hagen: Joie de Vivre

How is it possible that a model can reach the heights of the fashion industry. Be photographed by the heavy weights of photography and publication. Yet would appear to have gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan. So here is Victoria Van Hagen. As far as I can tell the only certainties for […]

Suzanne Von Aichinger: Jolie Laide

Few things are as minimising of one’s confidence and self worth then looking different. Society, mainstream publications and now social media dictate what is attractive. While some people may comform to the current motif of the marvellous by accident. What we have always wanted is ‘perfection’. Now since perfection is subjective, what is ideal to […]

Paloma Picasso: X Marks the Spot

Certain designers will always have air of nostalgia for me as a child of the early 90’s. Paloma Picasso is one such designer. Though Picasso was highly prominate in the 1980’s-90’s. She appears to have all but retreated from the lime light. Personally, I do not like her jewellery, I find some of her bags […]

Tantalise Me

Trust that everyone had a pleasant and indulgent Christmas and New Year. What better way to kick off 2016 then with new accutrements of passion? If one loves erotic writings, what could be more seductive the being able to write saucy sentiments on your lover and then licking the ink off? I have to say […]

Hidden History

With global warming and the┬árising sea levels, not only is our future affected but do is our past. What were once proud and prominate landmarks are now being consumed by the sea herself. Atlantis has beguiled and created intrigue for thousands of years, so it is nice to know that there are some real archeological […]