Hidden History

With global warming and the rising sea levels, not only is our future affected but do is our past. What were once proud and prominate landmarks are now being consumed by the sea herself. Atlantis has beguiled and created intrigue for thousands of years, so it is nice to know that there are some real archeological wonders if we just look down. Once great cities, centre’s of power; absorbed taken by Mother Nature. Hopefully there will be some submarine trips to enjoy these treasures before they are lost forever.

Cleopatra’s Palace- Egypt

cleopatra's underwater palace Alexandria

Balinese temples

underwater temple Bali

underwater vishnu temple near Bali

Shi Cheng- China

Shi Cheng Lion City under Qiandao Lake China


One comment

  1. Amazing — the hidden pieces. Treasures to be found if they end up forgotten…

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