Tantalise Me

Trust that everyone had a pleasant and indulgent Christmas and New Year. What better way to kick off 2016 then with new accutrements of passion?

If one loves erotic writings, what could be more seductive the being able to write saucy sentiments on your lover and then licking the ink off? I have to say that eating off of one’s paramour has never interested me. Why use a third party for a task that I happily indulge on my own? If I want to eat a chocolate bar, why involve someone else’s hairy flesh? But I have to say that with this quill and body lotion is making me reconsider. The two bottom vibrators are both saucy and silly. From Shiri Zinn, an erotic afficiando. While she does do more conventional vibrators, the cupcake and ice cream cone would leave a sweet and sticky after effect.

For UK pervs, I know that all but the cone are available at Sh! An female erotic emporium based on Hoxton Square, London. As a repeat customer, I cannot recommend them any more highly. A varied stock, knowledge staff and a excellent atmosphere. As Sh! is female based, any man who wishes to have a look (for his beloved?) has to be escorted by a woman. Yes, I am hoping in part that since I have recommended Sh! So highly (and truthfully) that they will send me some free ‘aids’. Unlikely, but one can dream.

poeme body paint cherry

poeme dark quill

shiri zinn cupcake

Shiri zinn ice cream


One comment

  1. Oh, now, that sounds like fun! M. gets to the UK more than me, so he’ll be looking for someone to get him in the door. 🙂

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