Victoria Van Hagen: Joie de Vivre

How is it possible that a model can reach the heights of the fashion industry. Be photographed by the heavy weights of photography and publication. Yet would appear to have gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan. So here is Victoria Van Hagen.

As far as I can tell the only certainties for the mysterious Ms Van Hagan. She posed for Erwin Blumefeld in 1952 and featured in ‘Vogue’Magazine. That is it! I have not been able to find a date of birth, ¬†modelling portfolio, measurements. Anything. What I will add is that Van Hagan as a very similar demeanour and appearance of 50’s modelling legend Dovima. Very graceful and beautiful. So just enjoy her glorious past work, which I am sure you will agree stands the test of time.

victoria von hagen chic

vvh erwin blumenfeld

vvh chic

victoria von hagen


One comment

  1. She is gorgeous — but almost plastic. It’s strange thing to see~

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