Vixen Books: Lurid Literature

If you want to secure my undivided attention, the words, ‘vintage’, ‘vixen’ and ‘books’ will buy you many hours with me. So when I have come across multiple images of a series of old books; with some frankly titilating covers. My retro radar springs into action. After my obligatory research, I have found yet another black hole of ignorance. What I believe, is that these were a series of ‘specialist’ literature. Maybe fetishism or just lurid sexual overtones (both are very much welcomed onto this site). Instead of just one author, there seems to be a pool of authors. That is it as far as I can tell. If I can find more solid information, I will gladly updates this post. Still the fabulously front covers can be enjoyed.

Lazy legs

vintage vixen



vixen red



  1. Now, if I ever write a novel…I want a cover like those ones! Fabulous. XO

  2. They’re great covers !

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