Monthly Archives: February 2016

Nadja Auermann: About Face

THIS POST CONTAINS NUDITY Though I prefer the chic and tailored style of 30’s-50’s. I do have a nostalgic soft spot for early 90’s fashion. Admittedly, not the most sophisticated decade. More emphasis on grunge ‘anti-chic’ then looking  ‘good’. Still, since I was born in the mid 80’s and grew up in the early 90’s; […]

Alice Denham: Scintillating Soliloquy

When perusing the careers of Playboy centrefolds, there tends to be allot of variation of a common theme. Model, actress or dancer (Burlesque of otherwise) are very much the norm. Not to be construed as an insult or denigration of such a career choice (your life, your choice). Still sometimes, it would make a nice […]

Locusta: Connoisseur of Murder

Ancient Rome; a hotbed of corruption and blood soaked treachery. Where even the bonds of family did not guarantee one’s safety for assassination. Power, the only currency and language accepted; was an all consuming obsession that one could never have enough of. Just like  a criminal organisation, when a ‘problem’ would arise. Someone would be […]

What Will The Neighbours Say II

POST CONTAINS NUDITY. IF OFFENDED PLEASE DO NOT READ If you want a popular blog entry, one that just draws people to you like Rod Stewart to a blonde. Naked women are a safe bet. So unsurprisingly one of my earliest entries ‘What Will The Neighbours Say’ has been one of the most viewed posts […]

Zorita: Shimmy and Slither

The Snakes have a sinful reputation. Since the Eve gave into the snake’s temptation in the green of Eden, the association of the slithering a serpent has been turned into erotic enticement. Before Britney Spear’s tried to be a snake charmer at the MTV VMA awards in 2001. Before Salma Hayek’s more successful turn as […]