What Will The Neighbours Say II


If you want a popular blog entry, one that just draws people to you like Rod Stewart to a blonde. Naked women are a safe bet. So unsurprisingly one of my earliest entries ‘What Will The Neighbours Say’ has been one of the most viewed posts on this site. Thanks to all the perverts with taste. Now on the surface, a follow up should have been a piece of cheesecake. Scantily clad ladies wearing next to nothing, how had can that be? If you are not picky about who the women is, then there are a vast choice. However, I am a little bit fussy about who I deem to be ‘interesting enough’. Reality stars or someone who slept with someone vaguely famous. Dull, dull, dull.

Yet again John Galliano has proven then it comes to ‘revealing’ haute couture. The reference to ancient Egypt does add to the allure. Who the model is in the bottom two pictures, I am not sure. If you are wondering who the lady in the top picture is. She is burlesque performer Margie Hart. If anyone knows about daring dressing, a strip tease star must be top of the list.

margie hart

dior egypt front

galliano egypt



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  1. Saucy! Oleana

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