Monthly Archives: March 2016

Las Pozas: Obscure Treasure

When one ponders where to find unique art. The Mexican rainforest would not the first, second or even third place to think of. But when the brains behind such an endeavour is a fan of the upside down, peculiar. Expect the unexpected. Created by Edward James, a wealthy English poet. Las Pozas (translate as the […]

Lying in Wait

While sexual imagery is relative and subjective. One cannot deny that certain pictures are hard to dispute their alluring potential. For me the following three images contain many of my personals tokens of both eroticism and feminity. Highly effective tools¬†of sultry seduction. Long red fingernails; both elegant and useful tools when one wishes to grip […]

Anne Gunning: Flattering Angle

While we can all name multiple Irish authors, actors and musicians. Who can name an Irish model? I thought as much. Yet the Emerald Isle has gifted the world atleast one shining example of a coiffed Coleen. Anne Gunning. Born Anne Gunning-Parker in 1929 (no date is available as yet)in Cuckfield. While there is no […]

Gaze Away

Thanks to a friend’s magnificent birthday gift for me, I have become enthralled with eye makeup. As a late bloomer in the way of maquillage¬†magic, I have now become inspired to build on my (very limited) techniques. Since I feel that my eyes are bit narrow and deep set, I have always desired to have […]