Gaze Away

Thanks to a friend’s magnificent birthday gift for me, I have become enthralled with eye makeup. As a late bloomer in the way of maquillage magic, I have now become inspired to build on my (very limited) techniques. Since I feel that my eyes are bit narrow and deep set, I have always desired to have them ‘pop’ so to speak. I am far more comfortable with applying lipstick since to me that is more straight forward. Simply find what colours and finishes you prefer, within your budget. Apply to kisser then voila! Plus I don’t have a steady hand so perfecting the much coveted cats eyes is more taxing then must may find.

As a history nerd, I feel the need to nod a grateful acknowledgement to the pioneers of modern makeup. The Ancient Egyptians. Understanding the power of eyes, thanks to the all powerful symbol of the Eye of Horus (shown as a Peregrine Falcon eye). Depictions of the rulers and goddess were often seen adorned with the outline of the Eye of Horus on their own faces. Showing that they too were blessed with the power and sight of the God Horus. Thousands of years later, the Ancient Egyptians may have disappeared but the cats eye have endured. Given that the Egyptians worshipped cats, their likeness is no coincident I believe. I did not set out to include Dita Von Teese in virtually all most entries, she just seems to meander into whatever mood of fixation I have at anyone time. Promise. Off all the eyes shown on this post, the picture of Siouxie Sioux is the most striking. While the goth/ punk scene was not at the time noted for being overly ‘chic’. However underground styles have always looked outside the box of current trends for the weird and wonderful. Once I have mastered the winged eyeliner, I would love to do my own version of Sioxie’s bewitching eye makeup. Fan Bingbing, you are as radiant as always.

egyptian eye

swan eyes

Siouxie Sioux



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  1. I went through multi-colored craziness with eyeshadow in the 80’s…so in response a simple smoky eye, occasionally makes do~ but you? New to the craziness? HAVE FUN! XO

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