Lying in Wait

While sexual imagery is relative and subjective. One cannot deny that certain pictures are hard to dispute their alluring potential. For me the following three images contain many of my personals tokens of both eroticism and feminity. Highly effective tools of sultry seduction.

Long red fingernails; both elegant and useful tools when one wishes to grip and ‘mark’ one’s lover. Lacey lingerie; sensual yet never tacky (one reason why I am not a fan of leopard print). A slight transparency gives the idea of coverage, preserving one’s modesty. Yet falling gloriously short. Corsets; the classic hourglass clinched and cinched into its most flattering form. Leaving one in need of a ‘helping hand’ to lace one in. Breathless with a smaller waist, fuller breasts and bigger hips.

scarlet lace

agent provocateur corseting


agent Provocateur garter



    1. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it x

  1. Something beautiful to use softly and gently on your lover, too!

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