Las Pozas: Obscure Treasure

When one ponders where to find unique art. The Mexican rainforest would not the first, second or even third place to think of. But when the brains behind such an endeavour is a fan of the upside down, peculiar. Expect the unexpected.

Created by Edward James, a wealthy English poet. Las Pozas (translate as the pools) started off as a coffee plantation bought by James in 1947 in Xilitla, San Luis Potosí. By this point James was semi based in Mexico, considering the superior climate to wet and windy Britain a wise move. What makes the path to such a breathtaking piece of art is how fate intervenes in the most extraordinary. Initially James wanted to create a garden of Eden  adorned with animals and orchids. Now considering the tropical climate, this should have been a safe vision. However a freak snowstorm in 1962, killed the dream of orchids. What were the chances of such an occurrence! Clearly devastated by the loss his dream (and money), James chose to create a new vision what would withstand any weather. As a patron of surreal art, James dedicated the last 20 years of his life to bringing his ‘Surrealist Xanadu’ to life. Set amongst 20 acres of rainforest. This awe-inspiring splendour contains 36 sculptures, creating an alien setting that is so spectacular one struggles to believe that this site is only 20 years old. When James died in 1984, the Gastulem family took over guardianship of Las Pozas. Since 2007, Fondo Xitilta (the love child of Pedro and Elena Hernandez Foundation, one of Mexico’s largest charities) has acquired Las Pozas with the sole purpose of preserving James’ tireless work and relentless determination to make something beautiful. If only James could see her now.

LP surreal

lp tower

las pozas xilitla mexico

las pozas garden

lp wonder


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  1. Gorgeous! Something to visit in Mexico, other than the ruins or beaches. 🙂

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