Coveted Bag: Christian Dior Babe Vanity Bag

I have to be honest, I was losing hope of finding any new bags to feature in ‘Coveted Bag’. I searched (maybe more then most people would in fairness) and searched. Tried different search terms, designer, locations and familiar favourites such as Moschino etc. Maybe there were no bags to lust over. Maybe I had exhausted the ones that were up to my high standards. Fear not, for fresh blood was found. Christian Dior Babe Vanity bag.

From the available search, Babe debuted in 2008. Chanelling classic lady like chic, Babe offers enough quirky touches to make her interesting. While she has the usual top handle, consistent with most vintage style bags. However, the bag’s opening is a flip clasp closure. Inside the lid, is a mirror (like a vanity, hence the name). Inner frame work is a subtle gold tone, on the tasteful side not tacky. If you need a cherry on top of the sundae, will a small pochette do? The bottom of Babe has four base studs (always good for a bit of elevation from the floor). Definitely more of an evening bag then a day bag, but if you packed carefully then Babe could be a compact day bag. Depending on type of leather minimum, £3.000-£7.000 appears to be a safe estimate. While I cannot fault Babe’s beauty and style. Her price is too high for me sadly. One can dream.

Dior babe vanity black

dior bv bag

dior bv bag white



One comment

  1. It’s very elegant — but too dear. Ah, well.

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