Enhanced Exposure

Considering that most trends are rarely new; that the past is always has its prints on the present. Black dresses, red lips and hourglass figures will never go out of style. It baffles me why a current fascination of mine has never resurfaced. Rouging ones nipples.

Dating back to the 14th century, ladies would pay extra special attention to their raspberry ripples (cockney rhyming slang for nipples) by applying plenty of rouge. One particularly famed fan was Isabella of Bavaria, politician and consort queen of King Charles VI of France. She was noted for enhancing her “little apples of paradise” with a touch of red. Though to 18th Century, French courts would would continue this naughty surprise with their oh so accidentally low cut bodices and corsets. After slowing falling out of fashion, 50’s Burlesque rightly revived this rouge on rosebuds rituals. As far as I can tell is to the only people who indulge in nipple desire are Dita Von Teese and the girls of the Crazy Horse Paris. Sure other Burlesque stars, Stipping sensations and other sensualist do titilate their tits.

I have been searching a multitude of mediums to see where I can procure of rouge myself. Sadly I have struggled greatly. Quite why no one is bothering, is a mystery to me. One can pierce one’s nipples, adorn with pasties. The world is your oyster concerning bikini areas. Yet just a slip of rouge appears to be such a novelty. Very strange.

crazy horse lip



  1. I imagine the application itself is a pleasure, let alone showing off later. Perfect eroticism. Oleana

  2. My become red with M’s attention….
    I have a suggestion for you — I remember that Benefit’s Benetint was made with nipples in mind:

    1. Thank you Dievca. Will hunt Benetint down xx

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