Jim Weathers: Alpha Obsequious

In my neverending quest to supply you amiable pervs with what I believe is the best in Erotica. I give you the works of Fetish photographer Jim Weathers.

Born in Michigan in 1962, yet spending his adolescence in the UK. Weathers always had an affinity for art, yet never considered a career based on his talent. Until a chance encounter with Cory Thompson and began his online bondage endeavour. Bondagecafe.com. Though not a professionally trained shutterbug; Weathers had a vision for the kind of fetishist images that he loved and the drive to make it so. When Weather’s began in the early 00’s (how appropriate that a man who’s career in sexual photography began in the noughties!), the classics of fetishism (true 6″ inch, sleek corsets etc) were not so easy to come by. It seems strange now; in the era of easy Internet access. That tools of titilations were once hard to source. Thankfully us fiends are now well catered for.

Weathers has worked with some of the best temptresses. Dita Von Teese (for Burlesque& Fetish the art of the Teese), Mosh, Ashley Graham and Angela Ryan. Publications include Skin Two, Marquis and Bizarre. I think you will find that him formidable sultan of ‘sleaze’.

jim weathers bound

bound to pleasure

bad girl

Dita vonTeese Jim Weathers

sheer leather

by jim weathers


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