Eve of Eden


While the USA does appear to hold the majority of famous vintage pin-ups. I have recently discovered that here in Blighty, we do have a few sirens of our. Not as famous as Bettie Page or Betty Brosmer. They are not lacking in photogenic charms. To me it would seem strange why we; the land of saucy seaside postcards. Has never had the same calibre of naughty magazines and cheesecake pictorials as out cousins across the Atlantic. Here is one of those retro beauties. Eve Eden. Also known as Rosa Domaille so do not be confused if it appears that Eden has gone into vixen protection.

Born Rosa Annie Domaille on 30th August 1940 in Somerset, England. Eden spent her youth working in a factory making shoes. Dreaming of a more glamourous existance as a top model. While she never made the heights of modelling. Eden did manage to pose for some of the biggest British men’s magazine such as ‘Spick’. Her lingerie pictures provide plenty of satisfaction in her 50’s set up. Yes, she did model during the 60’s. A time that leaves me colder then Ann Widdicombe at an orgy. However since fashion takes time to adjust to a new era, the silhouettes of the 50’s holds firm. Except in her nude pictures, obviously. Like many before her, Eden elected to retire from adult modelling upon her marriage (to banker Claudio Marinelli 6th August 1969). A pity really, maybe if she had continued. Eden would have reached a higher plateau of fandom. Still, maybe Eden tired of the adult modelling scene. Craving a more settled existance.

Rosa Domaille

Eve Eden or Rosa D

Rosa Domaille naughty

Rosa Domaille behold


One comment

  1. She has a gorgeous ass! Amazing. I think her body carries on photos, her face-not as well. (And who am I to be picky?)

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