Mara Lane: Sheer Accentuation

There must be something in the water (or the cream, given the sweet tooth) in Vienna that creates staggering sirens. Hedy Lamarr and now Mara Lane.

Born Dorothy Bolton; 1 August 1930 in Vienna, Austria. After taking up ballet. Young Lanetravelled as a young child to Russia, USA and Denmark, thanks to her father’s job at an oil firm. Settling in the UK in 1950. Lane was discovered at the International Film Festival in Venice.  Though she was signed to Howard Hughes’s RKO, she failed to prosper. Her biggest role was in ‘ Susan Slept Here’ in 1954 with Debbie Reynolds and Dick Powell. Lane’s last film was in 1962’s ‘The Old Testament’.

Not sure if Lane is still alive, but I can say that she was knockout! Definite star quality, such a shame that she did not achieve the stardom she deserved. I guess it was not her destiny.

mara lane


Mara lane love

ML beach


One comment

  1. Very beautiful! Natural seduction in her photos.

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