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Don’t Leave Me Hanging

As a committed bag lady, I like to think that I am fairly competent with accessories and etiquette. Admittly this I just my own interpretation and not likely to catch the attention of the masses. Still, I would like to shine the spotlight onto a seemingly minor trick that bag fiends count on. When one […]

Etiquette of Bag Ladies

In age of lacking social interactions and manners in general. Etiquette can appear at times antiquated, being be holding to an ancient code. However manners to me equate to one thing and one thing only. Be it, a man holding a door open or standing for a lady. To some women this is utterly desirable, […]

Maison Moschino: Sybaritic

If your appetite for the whimsical wonders of Moschino (an understandable reaction) needs to be satiated in big way. Then I have the best solution for your addiction, for Moschino has its own boutique hotel. Yes, just like Giorgio Armani,Bulgari and Missoni; Moschino has its own sumptuous temple of taste and feminity. Having been to […]

Smoking Hot

It stinks, carcinogenic, causes premature aging, yellows your fingers, stains your teeth and is bloody expensive. So why do people smoke? As a non smoker who has never had so much as a crafty drag as teenager. The appeal of smoking has always been lost on me. Maybe it is in part linked to its […]


My obsession with Dita Von Teese is badly kept secret. She is stunning, smart, scintillating and stylish. So it makes perfect sense that I covet 90% of what she wears, reads and thinks. Granted she looses me with fur and leopard print (See I am capable of disagreeing with my idol). Where she and I […]

Captive Audience

Combine the glamour of old Hollywood with a gothic aesthetic. Add a dash of history and what is the end product? Pre Hayes code Cinema. Before the stifling restrictions of the Hayes Code. Hollywood was a racy place, filled with new technology and new scandalous opportunities. Even after almost 100 hundred years, Some of these […]

Coveted Bag: Tom Ford Natalia Doctor Bag

Tom Ford, a true maestro of opulence and luxury. Has been one of the most universally acclaimed designers in the past 30 years. Having honed his craft at as head designer of both Gucci and YSL, Ford is now creating waves with his own brand of luscious haute couture. For someone who enjoys both provoking […]