Coveted Bag: Tom Ford Natalia Doctor Bag

Tom Ford, a true maestro of opulence and luxury. Has been one of the most universally acclaimed designers in the past 30 years. Having honed his craft at as head designer of both Gucci and YSL, Ford is now creating waves with his own brand of luscious haute couture. For someone who enjoys both provoking and amazing, I have never noticed his bags before. Similar to my favourite agent provocateur Jean Paul Gaultier, Ford has kept his arm candy almost at arms length. Why? I do not know. However I believe I have found a winner. His Natalia Doctor Bag.

Being a sucker for vintage bags, I am always slayed by doctors bag. A chic exterior matched with a generous interior. What more can one ask for? I cannot be sure when when Natalia debuted, based on my tentative research, 2014 would be a safe estimate. The classic retro touches that resonate with me are plentiful. Twin top handles oversized turn lock secures the bag at the top and matching metal feet on the bottom. The overall shape is more triangular, which does allow for more space. There are 4 open pockets, helping with a more stremline storage. In case you want more hiding spaces, there is a zip on the front. Matching padlock provided if one requires more safety.

Like¬†everything else Ford attaches himself with, this is not for those one a budget. Natalia in Alligator leather reached an eye watering, wallet trembling $24,930!! For such an extortionate price, this bag would need to provide a mini barbershop quartet to make it ‘worth it’.


Ford natalia dr sideview


One comment

  1. I love the shape of the bag, but I feel like the large buckle and the zip and the lock are too much. I’d just like the gold zip and lock, simple top.

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