Captive Audience

Combine the glamour of old Hollywood with a gothic aesthetic. Add a dash of history and what is the end product? Pre Hayes code Cinema. Before the stifling restrictions of the Hayes Code. Hollywood was a racy place, filled with new technology and new scandalous opportunities. Even after almost 100 hundred years, Some of these looks would not seem out of place today. Especially Norma Shearer, both gothic and surreal. If one was to replicate the makeup for most of these sirens, it would not appear tired or dated. Which proves that while taste and fashions change constantly, style does not.

Norma Shearer

norma shearer vamp

Marcelline Day

marcelline day

Pola Negri

Tragic Pola

Nita Naldi

nita naldi goth

Lya De Putti

lya de putti vamp



  1. Yowee. Great post.

    1. Thank you kind sir X

  2. I’m amazed by their ethnic names (other than Norma).

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