My obsession with Dita Von Teese is badly kept secret. She is stunning, smart, scintillating and stylish. So it makes perfect sense that I covet 90% of what she wears, reads and thinks. Granted she looses me with fur and leopard print (See I am capable of disagreeing with my idol). Where she and I are in rabid agreement is in our adoration of Moschino (another badly kept obsession). Retro and silly in equal measures. Moschino and Von Teese are an obviously well made match in couture heaven. Where there was a mutual adoration was between Von Teese and their former head designer Rossella Jardini. Both are independent minded mavens who have a strong, singular style, that is never swayed by fads. The top three pictures were taken at Moschino’s atelier. I have looked for some bigger pictures, since these ones are a bit small for my preference. But they are nonexistent. Their affair came to a head in 2006, when Von Teese walked Moschino’s Autumn show (the centre image). For the more pervy reader, the picture of Von Teese in the hand cuffs are just for you. I like to keep my delightful deviants content. However I have noticed that since Jeremy Scott took over the sartorial reigns in 2013, Von Teese appears to have stepped back from Moschino. Maybe it is coincidental, or like me. Von Teese thinks that their more tacky offers are undeserving of such an illustrious fashion house. Maybe they will find their way back to the kitsch charm that won me over.

dvt moschino dotty

dita moschino polkaholic

dita moschino lush

dvt moschino show

moschino chic shades

dita cuffed


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