Maison Moschino: Sybaritic

If your appetite for the whimsical wonders of Moschino (an understandable reaction) needs to be satiated in big way. Then I have the best solution for your addiction, for Moschino has its own boutique hotel. Yes, just like Giorgio Armani,Bulgari and Missoni; Moschino has its own sumptuous temple of taste and feminity. Having been to two Moschino boutiques, I can confirm that they boutiques are THE most glorious, most grant, most quirky interiors one will ever step foot in.

Based in Milan, appropriate since Moschino’s flagship is based in the Italian centre of couture. I believe the hotel was established in 2010, set in an 19th Century neo-classical railway. The decor and the 65 suites are all full to the brim with the Moschino’s signature eccentric charms. Each suite is an individual work of art. Themes include Bed of Roses, Wedding Dresses, Little Red Riding Hood. Even the restaurant is more like a dress shop then place to feed your face. Lamps in the shape of bags (makes my heart skip a beat) and mannequins, tables makes to look like a cup of tea and cushions customised into pastries.

This sound like a delicious Alice in Wonderland dream palace. Prices start from €250, hardly surprising considering that Moschino is pricey lable. I for one hope to make my pilgrimage to this church of joy.


white bed



tea time
clandestine restaurant







One comment

  1. Uhhh, how divine! It’s much better than where I stayed for business in Milan….but that was in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Sigh.
    I will just have to go back.
    It’s that simple.

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