Etiquette of Bag Ladies

In age of lacking social interactions and manners in general. Etiquette can appear at times antiquated, being be holding to an ancient code. However manners to me equate to one thing and one thing only. Be it, a man holding a door open or standing for a lady. To some women this is utterly desirable, to others unnecessary. Respect. Regardless of gender, age etc. If a man wishes to open a door for a lady, yet not for a man. That is not good manners, as his politeness is bound to women alone. If he holds the door for all, then that is well mannered. Granted, different cultures hold different customs. So not all translate equally.

One should always be gracious and show a courtesy to your fellow human. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen very pregnant women during rush hour being made to stand because people choose not to give up their seat. I choose to live by a particular code of conduct. If I am on a busy train or bus and I see a spare seat. If no one more ‘worthy’ (such as someone who is disabled, pregnant, elderly or generally more in need then me) makes it to the seat. Bugger it, I am having it. However I always will give up my seat if someone needs it more than me. Since this site is named in honour of my obsession with handbag. I decided to publishs my own personal rules of good behaviour regarding Bag Ladies. Please note that I am not suggesting that all bag ladies should do as I say. Sure you have survived many years without needed to be told what is befitting conduct. This is just how I choose to handle my fetish in my day to day dealings with the rest of the world. But more then that I wish to show how even the smallest gestures can be meaningful in showing that one can be anally retentive (as I am notorious for being with my beloved bags) but never rude.

While this and the ‘rules’ that I will propose seem so obvious one may wonder why I am even mentioning them. Sadly too many people are so oblivious and self absorbed that I will lay out what feel should be common decency for all.

I. Always keep your bag secured at all times.

Considering the pickpocket in big cities such as London, always keep your bag fully zipped or secured when you do not need to get something. We have all been in a rush and realised that we have left ourselves open to having our purses snatched etc. Play it safe and keep everything safe into you actually need to retrieve something. Since you bag holds all your most personal items, your credit cards, phones, keys to your home and your address. Safety must alway be a priority.

II. Never leave your handbag unattended.

While some may feel comfortable leaving one’s bag with a friend of family member when going to the loo. I always take my bag with me wherever I go. Not that I do not trust those around me. It is simply a good habit to get into. Again this has overtones with my first point about security.

III. Never hang your bag on the back of your chair. Since you cannot see or feel your bag, you are a prime candidate for theft. I always keep mine on my lap or between my ankles.

IV. If you require a seat. It could be on public transport or just having something to drink. If there are plenty of vacant seats, placing your bag on the seat next to you is acceptable (one should always be able to see it). If it becomes busy and someone else clearly wants to sit down. Remove. We have all been in that situation when you are desperate to sit down and some selfish arse hogs a seat (and NOT saving for someone else). So since one knows better, act better. If no hook is available, lap or ankles will suffice.

V. If you are going to eating out, take your bag hook with you. They are not heavy and depending on the size of your bag, will not take up much room.

This last tip is mostly for those who,are close to a bag lady and do not wish to encure her wrath (OK, maybe not all bag ladies would react this way. But I have and will)

VI. Never move a bag ladies bag on the floor without her EXPLICIT permission. Since us bag ladies tend to value our bags as an extension of ourselves. How other treat them can be important. As I NEVER place any of my handbags on the floor, I do not allow others to do so. If one needs me to move my bag. I will gladly move it. I even asked my own mother to not place precious bag on a dirty floor once. So don’t assume that I won’t expect the same for everyone.

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  1. You know where I stand on Manners. XO

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