Don’t Leave Me Hanging

As a committed bag lady, I like to think that I am fairly competent with accessories and etiquette. Admittly this I just my own interpretation and not likely to catch the attention of the masses. Still, I would like to shine the spotlight onto a seemingly minor trick that bag fiends count on. When one is out and about, say at a cafe or restaurant. Granted more eating establishment do provide hooks under the tables. However, since most do not. What to do? You want to tuck your bag away. You don’t want to be obnoxious and deny someone else a seat (no fetish is worth being inconsiderate to others). Maybe you don’t want to put your beloved piece of arm candy on the floor. So what do you do? You reach for one of these babies.

The humble bag hook. A tool so simple it is almost seems too obvious to mention. If you want to hook your bag away, one inserts the hook onto to table. Insert the handle (s) into available space. Voila, bag dilemma is solved. I have even heard that our own Queen Liz is partial to the hook. In researching hooks, I have read that in Brazil, there is a superstition that if a woman leaves her bag on the floor. She will lose all her money. Hooks tend to average at about £30-35, so if you are short of cash. I can understand not wishing to spend more on a seemingly unnecessary accessory. Especially if you do not spend allot of money on a bag. If however one likes to indulge on pricier bags, I highly recommend buying one. Aspinal does some rather lovely hooks, I fact I have one myself. Though I am tempted by the Chanel hook, given a choice. I would rather have an actual Chanel bag!

bag hook




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