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Coveted Bag: Alexander McQueen Box Bag

Of all the eccentric haute couturiers, Alexander McQueen is the one I have resisted the most. Not because I dislike their creations, some of them rather radiant. More to do with the fact that McQueen has been using fur (a big no-no) and when said designer uses Rabbit fur, that is a double negative. With […]


Fashion is best understood as a wave. It comes and goes, trends and fads rarely remains. Quickly forgotten. Style on the other hand is a circle, though it seems at times far away. It is never truly gone and always returns. Even if we need to be reminded of its charms. If one stays true […]

Drink Me

In the realm of adult seduction, alcohol is a tool with varied successes. To some, a means of loosing one’s inhibitions. Or at worst a bases for some very questionable sex. As long as no one is harmed, just part of life’s rich tapestry. While I am not a drinker, I have to admit to […]

Powderpuff Palace

Yes, the interior focused fever of HF continues. Here the spotlight is on the modern day Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Jolie Blon. A true blond bombshell amidst many pretenders, Blon has been delighting her legions of fans with her devotion to showgirl splendour. Whilst she has a more then respectable career as a Burlesque […]


Concealment can be as sexy as flaunting flesh. The hidden agenda, what is underneath? A possible promise of precious skin. Beloved by both fetishists and non-fetishists. The trench coat is staple of style for its simplicity and flattering shape. On the surface is seems almost too simple, too plain to be worthy of mention. What […]

Emilio Schuberth: Creme de la Creme

In European haute couture, there was for many years Paris was the undisputed ruler. While true haute couture is technically only exist in Paris. That does not exclude other countries contributing to beautifully made luxurious fashion. It seems hard to imagine but Italy was not always the glamour location. That was largely due to the […]

Eastern Flavour

Whilst seeking inspiration, I find myself being drawn to more Eastern aesthetics and touches. By Eastern, I am focusing on more classically Asian designs and motifs, from India to China to South Korea. While I adore Japan, their interior designs usually leave me a bit cold. Not because they not are bad, just a lacking […]

Comfort in Curiosities

If you felt the earlier post of ‘Darken my Door’, was too pretty and lacking any panache. Fear not for I have catered to your own particular ¬†needs. In Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York; there is an abode that is the most eerie, haunting and most gobsmacking home in the whole city. Owned by ‘Oddities’ […]

Sincerely Yours

Occasionally one starts an entry and within that embryonic idea. Another idea surfaces. As a lover of writing and a¬†functionally Luddite, the idea of writing with pen and paper is rather romantic. While emails and texts delivers on speed and never risking the loss of post. I feel that writing letters or just writing things […]

Darken My Door

Must admit that I am going through a bit of an interior obsession. Since the UK housing market is so ridiculous expensive, more and more people are struggling to acquire their own home. So I am fascinated by the the more ‘unusual’ styles or decor, when that day arrives. I can hopefully create an environment […]