Vain Hussy

A woman’s relationship with her vanity is one of the most intimate in her house (expect for bed and wardrobe). While being able to afford a walk in wardrobe is an impossible dream for most. A little space, to compose and prepare for the day. While I love to see lots of beautiful tools of beauty to match a beautiful vanity. It can be clustered and allow less space. If one can only afford a tiny table then keeping your objets hidden is probably the best use of space. The forth picture down is actually Elizabeth Taylor’s, a simple yet plentiful. The top three are unsurprisingly from the fabulous Dita Von Teese. Gorgeous, glamour girls needs gorgeous, glamourous trinkets. Of course the incomparable Jean Harlow has to be featured, believe this was from her in ‘Dinner at Eight’.

full view vanity


DVT make up table

Liz Taylor dressing table

Jean harlow bedroom

chinoiserie dressing table



One comment

  1. I had a Vanity Table growing up…I miss it. Sigh~

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