Philip Hulitar: Collectable Cognoscenti

Vintage fashion is a seemingly endless source of inspiration and knowledge. Just when you think you know it all, something or someone new comes along. That someone new is Philip Hulitar.

Annoyingly, there is little biographical information on Hulitar. What I have found out is that Hulitar spent many years  honing his skills at Bergdorf Goodman. In 1949, Hulitar was launched his own fashion house. As to the rest of his career, I sadly have no more to add. What I have discovered is that his pieces are considered to highly coveted. His dresses (depending on there condition) can fetch £700-800.

Where draws vintage hunters to Hulitar is his talent for quality sculpting the body into a flattering hourglass. Very classical 40′-50’s style that will always be in demand. As a fan of Suzy Perrette, Lili Ann and the holy grail of hourglass style; Vintage Dior. Where techniques were used help enhance the female form were almost a birth right. Hulitar is more then deserving to join the ranks classic feminine retro style.

Philip Hulitar silk

PH cocktail

PH silk

PH sweeping

philip hulitar pd

PH dovima gown


One comment

  1. Sigh~ Another fabulous designer who highlights curves. Where are they now?!?!?

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