Darken My Door

Must admit that I am going through a bit of an interior obsession. Since the UK housing market is so ridiculous expensive, more and more people are struggling to acquire their own home. So I am fascinated by the the more ‘unusual’ styles or decor, when that day arrives. I can hopefully create an environment that befits my tastes, preferences and needs. IKEA becomes very boring very quickly especially since there is no real aesthetic, just so to not offend anyone. Of course one’s budget will dictate how far one’s vision can go.

Going gothic in one’s interior can easily go wrong. So much black can make a room feel small and become very overwhelming. Plus you risk looking like a teenage Halloween clichĂ©. So how can you do goth well? Truthfully, I am not sure. Maybe use dark flowers such as red (from bright to dark) roses. Here, I believe are the best examples of gothic decor. A dark aesthetic but not morbid. Just celebrating a dark beauty.

Meg Matthews bathroom

Dita and Mansons wedding

gothic decors

gothic decor

wedding details

gothic seeting


One comment

  1. For the right space, this dark style looks fabulous!

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