Sincerely Yours

Occasionally one starts an entry and within that embryonic idea. Another idea surfaces.

As a lover of writing and a functionally Luddite, the idea of writing with pen and paper is rather romantic. While emails and texts delivers on speed and never risking the loss of post. I feel that writing letters or just writing things down the old fashioned way is a dying art form. With companies like Smythson, writing tools are very beautiful. So one can ditch the pic. Even Dita Von Teese has her own bespoke writing set (centre picture), yes she has her own logo emblazoned on a luscious leather envelope.

Thus an idea was born. Why not try to bring back the art of love letters? When one loves the sensual pleasure of writing, the act of writing about erotisicm and romance becomes more enticing. To be a romantic writer, I believe starts with one basic preface. Sincerity. Always write from the heart. When one tries to copy the style of someone because they think it will ‘make it more romantic’. It comes across as false and shallow, like one is not capable of an original thought or feeling. Do not worry about sounding clever or akin to Rudolf Valentino. Focus on simply putting your feelings towards that person. Work on developing your style over time. If shyness takes over, find a romantic quote from a poem, song, quotations that sums up your sentiments. A nice touch would be if your paramour is going away, leave a note in their suitcase. Even a mundane day can be rejuvenated with a secreted by a ‘found’ request. Maybe a saucy, naughty invitation (or order). The possibilities are as vast as one’s imagination, heart or lust.

smythson stationery box





  1. I still write letters. Mostly short notes, but the thought and effort is there. I wonder what my recipients think….

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