Comfort in Curiosities

If you felt the earlier post of ‘Darken my Door’, was too pretty and lacking any panache. Fear not for I have catered to your own particular  needs.

In Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York; there is an abode that is the most eerie, haunting and most gobsmacking home in the whole city. Owned by ‘Oddities’ pin-up Ryan Cohn, his wife and cute cats. If anyone has seen ‘Oddities’, Cohn is an avid collecter of skulls, taxidermy, specimen jars and generally ‘strange’ trinkets. He is also an artist with a passion for Osteology (study of bones). of course his home is filled to the brim with his love of these more polarising treaures. Not only are these curiosities displayed in their most brilliant form, but the general decor is befitting to the occupants and objects. Dark wood, dark leather and sumptuous crimsons, give the home a gothic ambiance. But never crosses into tacky or tired. A more ‘masculine’ version of gothic decor, which is always tasteful. Even without Cohn’s amazing collection, the home would still be stylish. It is the most personal touch that make this home a truly unique creation. While I think Cohn has a marvellous house of curiosities. I appreciate that this can be overwhelming for those with more modest sensibilities. So impressive is Cohn’s home. Magazine have used his house for more unusual photo shots. While I may not have quite the same appetite for these morbid momentos, I appreciate their beauty.

Collector and Artist Ryan Cohn at his Brooklyn apartment on August 21st 2014

ryan cohn living room

ryan cohn home

ryan cohn taxing


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  1. Hmmm, I must be strange or it is the scientist in me. I would go for a piece here before asian….:D

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