Eastern Flavour

Whilst seeking inspiration, I find myself being drawn to more Eastern aesthetics and touches. By Eastern, I am focusing on more classically Asian designs and motifs, from India to China to South Korea. While I adore Japan, their interior designs usually leave me a bit cold. Not because they not are bad, just a lacking in warmth. In this post, I should point out that I have mixed traditional Asia pieces with Chinoiserie. Chinoiserie is the French interpretation of classic Chinese patterns. Admittedly, I cannot tell the difference between the two styles. Plus antiques and more modern pieces are mixed together. I would never claim to be an expert, just a fan of a particular style.

18th C chinese imported cabinet

south Korean residence

chinnoiserie chic

uber chic chin


sensual boudoir

Antique wedding bed

screens-and-wall-dividers asian

chinese red wedding screen


One comment

  1. I always find this aesthetically pleasing, but when I end up choosing my own pieces that do not have any Asian flavors. XO

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