Concealment can be as sexy as flaunting flesh. The hidden agenda, what is underneath? A possible promise of precious skin. Beloved by both fetishists and non-fetishists. The trench coat is staple of style for its simplicity and flattering shape. On the surface is seems almost too simple, too plain to be worthy of mention. What I find appealing is it naughty back story. The ‘flasher Mac’ the dress code of ‘perverts’ for decades. How accurate is this association is I do not know. What I do know is far from rejecting this symbol of sleaze, fetishists embrace this classic cover up. Usually trench coats are made with PVC, nylon, leather and latex if one wishes to embrace the erotic finishes. However one can can dial the naughtiness down or up depending on taste and occasion.

Jean Paul Gaultier, the fetish Emporer himself has kept the trench coat as a staple for much of his career. What helps is that the tench coat is unisex; so even those who enjoy the androgynous  can feel at ease. Far from being clunky and bulky, many women have proven that the trench coat is utterly chic. One of the first showings of how gorgeous this coat can be was in ‘Belle du Jour’. Catherine Deneuve dressed in YSL, kept the traditions of fetish wear but made it glorious. It should be noted that Handbag-Fetisist favourite Dita Von Teese is a fan of the Trench coat.

So remember that sex appeal does not depend on exposure but how seemingly simple garments can be saucy if one knows how to use ones props.

trench coat

runaway trench coat

Belle_de_jour mono trench

trench coat maven


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  1. Love my trench coats….have a few. Always a clean, elegant look. 😀

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