Fashion is best understood as a wave. It comes and goes, trends and fads rarely remains. Quickly forgotten. Style on the other hand is a circle, though it seems at times far away. It is never truly gone and always returns. Even if we need to be reminded of its charms.

If one stays true to one’s own signature style, to what moves and brings joy to oneself. Then the odds of ‘what was I thinking’ are diminished. Sure, a certain amount of experimentation is to be expected. Style icons are not conceived fully formed, they hone, adjust and refine until the ‘look’ is perfected. We all in our youth have been influenced by our peers and heroes. By the fashions of the day, by musicians, actors and other heartthrobs. I cannot claim to be ever free of ‘Christ, what was I on’. As a teenager I do cringe at some of the monstrosities I wore. Again influenced but the hideous trends at the time. How said evolution was easy. Whilst I cannot be a ‘trendsetter’ or the epitome of chic. I like to believe that I have become for more comfortable with what suits me and what gives me a spring in my step. Whether anyone else agrees is irrelevant. No one will ever agree on taste, a subjective concept. So expecting mass approval is not only unlikely but a ridiculous goal. Anyone who wants to be seen as ‘well dressed’ will always be disappointed. Even the trailblazers such as Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie were ridiculed at the time for going against the grain. When anyone challenges the ‘norm’, criticism is a common reaction. Even my heroine Dita Von Teese, was teased for looking ‘weird’. If Dietrich and Bowie gave into the ‘fashion police’ we would loose part of what makes them so iconic and convention would stay. Unchallenged. While I look at some of the choices others choose to wear and am baffled by their decision. It is not up to me to tell them what to wear. I respect that it their choice and nothing to do with me. The concept of the ‘fashion police’ is one that I am irked by. Admittedly they can be amusing. I dislike anyone who claims to know what looks good and what does not. Everyone has made duff fashion choices, so who thinks that they are flawless in everything they wear?

Anyway that is my personal philosophy. I added these darling pieces of vintage clothes to illustrate my preference.

30's mono dress

50's wow

vintage dress cute

1950's cocktail for Elizabeth Taylor

peacock 50's dress

polka love


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  1. That polka dot and cheongsam are lovely!

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