Coveted Bag: Alexander McQueen Box Bag

Of all the eccentric haute couturiers, Alexander McQueen is the one I have resisted the most. Not because I dislike their creations, some of them rather radiant. More to do with the fact that McQueen has been using fur (a big no-no) and when said designer uses Rabbit fur, that is a double negative. With regards to bag, much like Christian Louboutin. I find McQueen’s bag very underwhelming, though the clutches are ornate and beautiful. They are too expensive, especially for such petite purses that are very limited in use. However during my routine searches for bag pornography, I spied a piece that caught my eye. The Alexander McQueen Box Bag.

While I cannot be sure how old this bag is, I do think that this is the most streamline and compact of all of their bags (not clutches). A chic box style (thus the name), that would not date for many years. The box is a vague and vogue template that has some very elaborate details. On the version with the shoulder straps does have the most beautiful wrapping security lock. So chic and secure at the same time. With a matching metal turn lock opening. Other variations include the bottom bags with top handles and metal edges. I would describe them as more of an evening bag while the top bags could be nice day bags.

As with all of McQueen’s articles, expect a very hefty lable. In the case of this compact companion, £1,300 would be the damage left to your bank balance. For such a small bag, it is extremely expensive. If McQueen ever creates a decent bag for an almost reasonable price, I will endeavour to bring it to you.

Alexander McQueen full box

alexander mcqueen box view







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