Lucite Bags: Waiting for a Encore

Vintage bags make my heart skip a beat. Anything dated between 1930’s-50’s is my ideal period of chic arm candy. While vintage styles are making a strong comeback, one style has proved elusive. The lucite bag.

Leather, suede and canvas are more common materials used to make handbags. Yet once upon a time, a durable acrylic made from polymethyl methacrylate (or PMMA), was just as the height of fashion. Some of the biggest lucite labels included Charles Kahn and Charles Foster.

Today it could be construed as tacky, I can see why. However the advantages include a solid structure that is waterproof. Living in the UK, this is not a small consideration. Where I believe, there could be issues involves the risk of a break in the actually bag. Any hard knocks, could result in a substantial damage. Plus the storage space is limited. Atleast with a more forgiving fabric, some give can allowed.

One day, I believe the world will re-discover the appeal of this little remembered bag.

charles-khan chic

charles s kahn lucite

charles kahn lucite black

lucite compact


One comment

  1. They just look like fun! I like the last one in particular.

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