Lady Weird: Quaintrelle


If you are wondering what the title translates as; Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes her passion through cultivating her personal style and enjoyment of pleasure. If one loves classic pin-ups, fetishism, B-Movies vixen and generally fine feminine features, Lady Weird is Quaintrelle of great talent and taste.

Finding biographical information on Lady Weird is hard to come by. Maybe she would rather have her art be the focus then her private life. Which is fair enough. On her official page, she has allot written in Japanese. So I wonder if she possibly Japanese. As a Nipponphile, this only enhances her coolness in my eyes. It would appear that she has been displaying her art work on Instagram since 2004. As I am not on Instagram, I have missed out on Lady Weird’s considerable skills and charm. In addition to her straight pin-up art, Weird does create tableware (including plates and shot glasses). Her doll line includes dolls being tied up, again another nod to retro fetish style. Her most high profiled collaboration so far is her work with Charlotte Olympia and MAC (the top image).

Hopes to see more of this artist. She clearly has the chops to make the world a finer and naughtier place.

lady weird charlotte olympia

lady weird whiplash

lady weird wolf

lw feline

lady weird shot glasses

LW plate

lady wierd discipline




    1. Thank you very much. X

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