Nathalie Rattner: Heat of the Moment

In need of hyper-feminity? Well executed art with a womanly focus? Nathalie Rattner is here to satisfy your modern pin-up desires.

Rattner has collaborated with brands such as Bond & Knight, designed for a ranch of men’s leather wallets. She has lent her talents to a variety of other projects. Colouring books, cereal box covers, fabric designs, vintage style paper dolls and book covers have all been templates for Rattner to expand on her obvious gifts. Though her style is not the same, there is a definite spirit of the late, great Zoe Mozert. A particular softness with how she creates her sirens. Some of the biggest and best babes of modelling and burlesque have been the topics of her artwork. Claire Sinclair, Masuimi Max and Roxi D’Lite are just a few of the famous temptress immortalised by Rattner. May there be many, many more to come.

nathalie Ratter

nathalie rattner poodle

NR claire sinclair

nathalie rattner roxi delite

NR radiant

nr masuimi max



  1. Nathalie Rattner · · Reply

    I can’t tell you how touched and flattered I was to find this beautiful post about my work on your site. Thank you so much ❤
    Sincerely, Nathalie Rattner

    1. Thank you for taking the time of your busy and, let’s face it glamourous schedule to notice my little piece. To say that I am touched that you would even find my wee site is flattering beyond words. Please keep to art work flowing it is glorious. X

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