South Korea: Unspoilt

Autumn, the most glorious season. A time of passing, the end of greenery, of Spring/summer exuberance. Losing of luscious leaves, but by no means a termination. A deepen of colour, dip in temperature, and an increase of comfort and cosiness. While the love affair with Japan is a monogamous, longlasting romance. An admiration and flirtation with another Asian powerhouse is creeping into my line of sight; South Korea.

For many years, South Korea has been in the shadows of her recent history, war and division from the north. Now she is getting the attention and prestige she deserves. With a strengthening economy and a worldwide fascination with her cosmetics, her saunas and technology. What I am focusing on her natural beauty, her temples and her serenity.










    1. Thank you, I did not take them myself but they are majestic!

  1. How lovely….we were just talking about North and South Korea. Timely.

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