Coveted Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Vanity Case

I was in a quandary as to whether this latest offering was a bag or a vanity. Officially it appears to be a bag, however it has a greater emphasis on the style of vanities. Dolce and Gabbana has during their AW’16 collection produced a few glorious vanity style bags. Whilst they are effortlessly chic. My preference is this longer, more luxurious version.

While most vanities are more box like in their design; what sets this version apart is the ‘height’. Sadly this often means that the depth of the bag is sacrificed. The leather is a glossed with a lizard effect (a cheaper and kinder version then lizard hide). A top handle with matching gilded metal wear and an adjustable shoulder strap. Twist lock-fastening front flaps adds security as well as class. So that adds a touch more diversity if one prefers an over the shoulder method. Protective feet help to lift the bag of the floor. What sets this bag truly apart from the simpler styles that D&G offer is the intricate compartments inside. A place for your brushes, compact and lipstick (or more mundane items if you are not such a fan of beauty tools on the go). There is a generous sized mirror at the top of the bag, so there ceases to be a need for a compact mirror alone. Now the rub. For this vanity on the go, you will be £ 2,400 less well off. For such a small bag, it is a staggering amount and unless you are Athina Roussel. This is a gilded pipe dream for the rest of us.

Still dreaming is always free.





One comment

  1. This a gorgeous case — whichever way it is billed. The price would kill me, though. XO

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