Joe Shuster: Sleaze-a-Rama

While I am not a fan of comic books (or graphic novels) and is unlikely to ever but such a read. However, on occasion. There is a wonderful underbelly of eroticism when one knows where to look. As far as comic book cultural icons go; ‘Superman’ is in the upper echelons of global fame. What I did not know was that creator Joe Shuster had a naughty side project. When Shuster was not creating a hero, he was also penning some naughty depictions of less noble acts. More animalist, primative urges, based solely on the task of titillation. During the 1950’s, the golden age of fetish art. Shuster anonymously published illustrations for the magazine ‘Night of Horror’. Considering that fetish art was borderline in legality; at the very least, socially taboo. Shuster’s desire to stay hidden is not surprising. How ironic, that a man who created a character with a double life was professionally at least. Doing the same thing, daytime comic illustrator by night fetish merchant.







  1. I’m always amazed at the “hidden” Comics — they inspire and make me smile. XO

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